Samsung ends support for Focus, its BlackBerry Hub-style content aggregator

If you've ever used a BlackBerry smartphone, such as the recently released Key2, you'll probably be familiar with the Hub. It's an app that brings together content from your accounts and services into a centralized location, making it easier to keep tabs on everything in your life. What you may not know is that Samsung came up with a similar app of its own, called Samsung Focus, though it was focused entirely on business e-mail and calendars.

The app was meant to be released alongside the Galaxy Note7 but ended up arriving sometime after the launch of the phone. Perhaps due to the disastrous reputation of that smartphone, Focus never really got a lot of attention, which is why Samsung is ending support for the app with the latest update.

Following the release of version of the app, the Play Store listing was updated with a message saying that the app will no longer be supported as of August 15. The company notes that you will still be able to use the app from that date, but it will no longer be providing technical support for its users. As SamMobile reports, all of the app's data is stored locally on your device, and it doesn't require communication with Samsung servers to work, so Focus will remain functional.

If you're looking for something similar to Samsung's Focus, the BlackBerry Hub might be your best bet. Not only does it include your e-mails, but you can also connect to a number of different services, such as Facebook. It's included in BlackBerry's Android smartphones, but you can also get it for free on any recent device from the Play Store. You'll have to put up with some ads unless you decide to pay, however.

Source: Play Store via SamMobile

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