Samsung expands support for Internet Browser Beta to Android 5.0 or newer devices

When it comes to mobile browsers, there really isn't a whole lot of options available. What comes to mind first if you're an Android user is Google's own Chrome, maybe Firefox, and from there, you probably will only be able to name a couple more. While the aforementioned options work pretty well, there is always room for improvement.

Samsung is one of the most prominent smartphone manufacturers in the world and since 2012, it has offered its own mobile browser on its phones. Like most third party offerings, the initial product wasn't something to get too excited about, but over time, the firm has made vast improvements. Its latest creation, the Samsung Internet Browser, is actually quite good, offering an array of features, like support for extensions, that make it an interesting option.

While the browser has been available almost exclusively on its own handsets, Samsung decided to expand its reach by making it available to Google Pixel and Nexus handset owners through a beta that it released earlier in the year. Now, with its latest version, the firm has expanded the compatibility of the browser to all handsets that have Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer.

If you'd like to give Samsung's Internet Browser a try, be sure to head to the Google Play Store. Also if you want more details about the browser itself, be sure to head to the Samsung source link below.

Source: Samsung via phoneArena

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