Samsung may be building another Windows Phone, but probably not the SM-W750V


Samsung has dominated the Android scene with its Galaxy line of devices but, so far, has not made the same impact in the Windows Phone market. While Nokia has taken that crown, with Microsoft cleared to purchase the division, there could be room for Samsung to grow in the Windows Phone space with the Nokia brand moving out of the way.

The name of one device which many are speculating is another Windows Phone is the SM-W750V . But we are not so sure of this. A look at Samsung’s current crop of Windows Phones shows that their model designations begin with SCH- SGH- or SPH- and not SM-.

Some also point to the 'W' in the SM-W750V model number as a firm indication that this will be a Windows Phone. But one recent Samsung handset release containing both the 'W' and the SM- prefix was the SM-W2014, an Android flip-phone with a Snapdragon 800 processor. Some also believe that the V at the end means it is heading to Verizon, which could be true - but the current Samsung devices on Verizon end with a number and not a letter. 

The Samsung phone showed up on an Indian shipping company called Zuaba. That the device is already being shipped out "for R&D" and "for testing and evaluation" may suggest that a release isn't too far off. 

Little is known about the handset other than it having a 5in display with an unknown resolution. Sammobile speculates that its price of RS 33,245 in India indicates that it will be a high-end device. If true, we would expect to see a 1080P resolution and a quad-core CPU. 

Samsung has been a friend of Windows Phone, having released several devices with Microsoft's mobile OS. By also selling Windows Phone devices, the company has been trying to diversify its mobile portfolio but so far, has made little impact in the market with its Windows Phone devices, with Nokia's Lumia range dominating 90% of WP sales.

We may yet see more Windows Phones from Samsung, but for now, we are not convinced that this particular device will be the new addition to the Windows Phone family that many are hoping Samsung will build. 

Windows Phone has shown positive momentum over the past few months and is adding key apps all the time. With Microsoft pushing the platform hard, the company has quickly stolen the third place spot in the smartphone market from BlackBerry. But even if Samsung does not add to its WP range, other manufacturers have committed to launch their own Windows Phones. 

India's second-largest smartphone vendor, Micromax, said earlier this year that it plans to add Windows Phones to its Android-dominated range. Last month, ZTE also said that it will launch new Windows Phones next year, having previously abandoned the platform after WP7. 

Source: Zuaba | Via: Sammobile

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