Samsung unveils stylish 3DTV's, Blu-ray player and music player

Samsung announced their new flagship HDTV's at CES 2011, introducing full HD 3DTV's that have a bezel of 0.2-inch thick. The new smart design hides the border of your TV, giving you the feel that the TV is a window.

Samsung is continuing its power-line of SmartTV, giving the consumer the chance to browse apps, post Facebook and Twitter updates, watch videos from Hulu and Netflix, and now a search to browse your network computers, TV shows, and even content saved on your SmartTV.

Last year, Samsung unveiled a touch screen remote. The remote control allows you to browse a channel before you change it, even swap video between the TV and your remote. This year, Samsung unveiled a big update to their touch screen remote, including a multi-channel view, right on the remote.

Samsung showed off their thinnest 3D Blu-ray player with a three-second boot up time. The stylish Blu-ray player has a stand on the back to tilt up your player. The refreshed line-up of Blu-ray player and SmartTV works with Samsung's refreshed line of home theater equipment and speakers.

Samsung unveiled a new fridge with a 7-inch LCD touch screen built-in, so you can check your Twitter, calendar, photos and even draw.

Samsung announced it's releasing a new segments of the Galaxy Tab, including the "Galaxy Player." Running Android 2.2, with a 4.0" Super clear LCD (WVGA 800 x 480). The new Galaxy Player is meant to be an ultra portable media player with the power of the Galaxy Tab, but designed to fit in your pocket.

Samsung showed off the brand new Infuse 4G with a super AMOLED Plus display, running Android 2.2, with a 1.2Ghz processor, 8MP rear camera and a front-facing camera as well. This will be the thinnest phone on AT&T's network.

Today the Korean-based company showed off their new lineup of cameras and video recorders. There still camera line-up includes a WiFi-enabled model, so you can upload photos directly to Facebook, all on a 3-inch touch screen LCD. Their new handheld video recorders come with a Smart Access UI, and films in full 1080p HD.

Samsung is holding another event tomorrow to unveil even more devices, possibly associated with Verizon's 4G announcements.

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