Schools in the US, Canada and UK to get discount on the Surface Pro 3

It’s been a few months since the Surface Pro 3 launched. Our own Brad Sams gave it a glowing review, and it’s been garnering much praise as a device that really could replace the combination of desktop, laptop and tablet that you may own.

Microsoft has in the past offered students discount on the Surface Pro 3, but it didn’t show a lot of love toward students wanting the device when their latest back to school program started in July.

Although that was for students buying the devices, education establishments in the US, Canada and the UK can now qualify for a similar 10% discount when buying the Surface Pro 3 and type cover bundle.












Intel i3 64GB







Intel i5 128GB







Intel i5 256GB







The table above shows the approximate savings that schools and colleges will make if they purchase the Surface Pro 3. While there are more than those three models available, it is highly unlikely that a school would splash out on the more expensive i7 models.

The only problem here is that the units must be purchased through Microsoft’s Authorized Device Resellers (see here for Canada and here for the UK) and in minimum quantities of five units. We assume you could get three of the i3 and 3 of the i5 and still qualify for discount, but it’s not clear.

We used the i3, 64GB model to compare student prices across the US, UK and Canada

We should note, that students can currently get 10% off the Surface Pro 3 and Type cover bundle in the UK, bringing the price to the same as the education price shown in the table above. In Canada, the type cover isn’t discounted, but the Surface Pro 3 is. The US store doesn’t appear to offer any student discounts on the Surface Pro 3.

So, what are you waiting for? Uni has just kicked off for tens of thousands of UK teens, and this is as good an opportunity as any to grab one of the better Microsoft devices out there.

Source: TNW | Image courtesy of Microsoft

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