SCO Ordered To Explain Damages In Novell Suit

A federal judge has basically told SCO to "put up or shut up" in regards to it's claim that it has suffered damages from Novell in the form of slander and hampering SCO's efforts to protect it's ownership of Unix. More whining or legitimate claim? You decide.

A federal judge has given SCO Group 30 days to specify the damages it suffered when Novell publicly challenged SCO's claim that it owned the copyrights to Unix code that allegedly became a part of Linux.

Federal Judge Dale A. Kimball also, on Thursday, denied Novell's motion to dismiss the suit and SCO's motion to move the case to state court.

In his ruling, Kimball said SCO had not give the court "any information as to the scope of customer confusion, its lost business, or made any allegations that there, in fact, has been a realized pecuniary loss as a result of Novell's statements."

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News source: TechWeb

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