Sea of Thieves 2.0.5 update resumes monthly content drops with an explosive one

Sea of Thieves received its massive Anniversary Update in April, and Rare has been quiet since then except for some bug fixing patches. Today, the studio announced the old monthly content update schedule is coming back, and brought forth a brand new line of voyages promising explosive results.

The hefty 2.0.5 update's new Black Powder voyages tasks players with finding explosive barrels around the world to hand them over to trading companies, who are stockpiling them for some unknown reason. There's both standard and high-risk Reaper voyage variants, with the latter delivering higher rewards. Avoiding fights while ferrying these explosives is would be the smart option.

In regards to game balancing, Rare has increased the rewards for the new Hunter's Call trading company, added more varieties of shipwreck loot, improved mermaid response times, reduced cursed cannonball effect durations, and reduced volcanic projectile accuracy, among other changes.

Rare has also added new puzzles and locations to several Tall Tale quests, hatches to the Sloop and Brigantines that can be opened and closed, and the ability to dig up fish bait instead of just finding them in barrels.

Head over to the Sea of Thieves 2.0.5 update's release notes page to see a rundown of all the other changes as well as accessibility improvements and a whole host of bug fixes. The update comes in at 6.4GB on Xbox One while Xbox One X and Windows 10 players will see a 5.5GB update. Also, the servers are already up and running carrying the new update, letting pirates jump in and start their new voyages immediately.

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