Sea of Thieves 2.0.6 update brings Dark Relic voyages, rowboat harpoons, and more

Rare promised last month that Sea of Thieves would be returning to a monthly content update schedule. A month has passed and right on schedule pirates now have the 2.0.6 update to play around in, which delivers the brand new Dark Relics line of voyages. This does mean Black Powder runs from the last update aren't being offered anymore.

As expected these new Dark Relic voyages brings in a new twist on the regular voyages. This time, the Order of Souls company is hiring pirates through Duke to bring back artifacts - the aforementioned Dark Relics - that have been stolen from them by some sticky-fingered skeletons.

This time-limited event has three voyage types for regular pirates that send them to different corners of the world and a special Devil's Roar voyage that's exclusive to Pirate Legends, which comes with some added danger and rewards. Completing any these and earning commendations will yield players additional rewards like exclusive ship cosmetics as well.

However that's not all, as a brand new type of chest is being scattered around the seas bearing the Reaper's Mark, letting everyone in the game world know exactly where these valuables are situated with a pillar of light shooting to the sky and as an icon on the map, even when a player crew is carrying them. The humble rowboats have also gotten an upgrade, as now they come with a harpoon attached to them, enabling even more pirate antics.

The full patch notes of the 2.0.6 update carrying details on all of the changes, balance adjustments, and bug fixes, can be found on the Sea of Thieves website here. The servers are also back online, so all Xbox One and Windows 10 players can now jump back in to experience the new content.

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