Sea of Thieves Season Two lands with Trade Routes, buyable resources, and more

Rare's 20 million players strong pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves just kicked off the second season of its new content drive, and like the previous one, the latest installment comes with a swath of new features, battle pass unlocks, cosmetic rewards, quality of life improvements, and more.

Starting off with Season Two's special event, players can now find Forts of Fortune waiting for them in the Sea of Thieves, marked by a scarred Skull Cloud in the sky. These are a new kind of fort with even more challenging enemies than usual, and as rewards, pirates can claim some of the highest tier loot that is offered in the game.

Another piece of exciting content in the update is Trade Routes. Merchant Alliance Emissary players can now purchase Commodity Crates from the trading company to deliver them to another Outpost across the seas. The supply and demand of commodities are different across the world, so players can calculate their profits before undertaking these.

sea of thieves season 2

Also, players looking to set sail faster without having to stock up on resources manually can now purchase them directly from Outposts. Cannonballs, fruits, and wood crates are now available for Gold. However, there is a restriction to stop abuse, as pirates can only purchase one of each crate every three in-game days (one in-game day equals 24 real-world minutes.)

The Sea of Thieves free battle pass has been refreshed with 100 more items to unlock via progression too, which include themed items, Gold, premium Ancient Coins, and even the new Barrel Disguise Emote. As for the premium track, the Plunder Pass offers 11 additional items from the Pirate Emporium, including the snazzy sets seen below.

Sea of Thieves Season 2

Head to the Season Two landing page set up by Rare to get a rundown of all the new features, while the patch notes for this update can be seen here. The servers are now back up and running after maintenance, so Sea of Thieves players on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now jump back in to experience the new content.

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