Sea of Thieves Smuggler's Fortune update goes live with purchasable pets and more

Rare today pushed out Sea of Thieves version 2.0.7, another one of its monthly free updates to the pirate adventure game that this time carries a premium store dealing in real-world money, among other new features.

Microtransactions have been planned for the title since even before its launch, and now 18 months and many delays later, the Pirate Emporium store carrying purely premium cosmetic items is finally here. Currently, the store sells Ancient Coin packs ranging from $1.99 to $34.99 that can be used to purchase in-game pets that hang out with the crew, new emotes, and exclusive ship liveries.

There's now an Ancient Skeleton that can randomly spawn carrying Ancient Coins as well, giving players a chance to grab some premium currency for free. Head over here for more details on the store, plus the new Parrot and Monkey pets, and more.

On the free side of things, Rare has implemented several new voyage types for players to tackle that's available until the next monthly update, all offering Doubloons as rewards. Available from Duke for free, the new voyages have players digging up and delivering the new rags and bones crates to a shifty pirate and shipping cargo across sea posts across the world.

Duke has also opened a store of his own today, that being the Black Market. This one only deals in doubloons, offering players new and variants of previously released time-limited cosmetics. These rotate monthly, so it’s a good idea to have a peek every now and then. The downside to having more doubloons now from the new free voyages, however, is that Duke will now only sell a single Letter of Recommendation, which instantly grants a level with a trading company, every month.

Beyond that, Rare has also brought in an optional toggle for Xbox One players to choose whether they want mouse and keyboard players - across both PC and Xbox - in their competitive Arena matches, essentially disabling cross-play. Adventure mode is unaffected, at least for now.

Another highlight is the new ability to rejoin sessions from the main menu after a disconnect, which should be especially useful for solo sloop pirates and those joining random crews. Aggressive skeleton ships, a new final cutscene for the Shores of Gold campaign, a speedrunning/jumping challenge at the Sea Dogs Tavern, are also among the new additions to the game.

To check out the 2.0.7 update's full list of new changes as well as the bug fixes and known issues, head over to the Smuggler's Fortune changelog over here. Sea of Thieves servers have now come back up from maintenance, but there seems to be some issues purchasing the new cosmetic items at the time of writing stemming from the initial rush.

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