Seagate looking to introduce 14TB and 16TB drives over the next 18 months

There is always a need for more storage space - especially when it comes to enterprise applications. Seagate is pushing the boundaries a bit further over the next 18 months with its plan to offer 14TB and 16TB hard drives.

Currently, Seagate's highest capacity drive is its 10TB model and that is aimed at businesses. If opting for a consumer-grade product, Seagate currently offers an 8TB capacity unit. But, over the next 18 months, Seagate has committed to adding a new 14TB and 16TB drive to its lineup. This bit of information was disclosed on an earnings call and will also see them get closer to their goal of offering a 20TB drive in the next three years.

While drives that exceed 10TB might sound a bit ludicrous for the average consumer, one has to take into consideration that 4K and 8K video are becoming more common, along with NAS systems that are slowly being adopted as home solutions.

As mentioned previously, Seagate will offer the larger 14TB and 16TB drives over the next 18 months. Those seeking higher storage capacities will have to be content with the 10TB drive for now or hope that Seagate's 12TB in testing will arrive to market soon.

Source: PCWorld | image via Seagate

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