See the Nokia Lumia 900 getting hammered ... literally

Nokia's Lumia 900 has received a lot of good reviews for its touch screen. Indeed, one recent report said that the readability of the screen in daylight beat out the iPhone 4S. Now there's proof that the Lumia 900's screen is more than just a pretty face.

In the latest post on the Nokia blog, two of the company's engineers, Mike Myers and Chris Ruble, decided to take a video camera and start recording as a nail is hammered into the Nokia 900's screen. The screen continues to work even after some pounding. Then the smartphone is used as a hammer, as it pounds a nail with the screen into a piece of wood. The final part of the video shows the Lumia 900 getting a call from a certain company CEO.

Obviously, this kind of treatment is not recommended for anyone who actually owns a Lumia 900. However, it does show that Nokia has a well made smartphone on its hands. The engineers were inspired by a video made over two years ago, which showed the Sonim mobile phone going through the same torture test. Both the Sonim Mobile Phone and the Lumia 900 use Gorilla Glass for the touch screen.

Myers states:

Our Failure Analysis Specialist Mike Wellborn saw the video on YouTube and told us how amazing it was. Chris and I said that our Lumia 900 would be able to survive this “test” as well . . . Mike Wellborn did not seem to think it could be done. On a gentleman’s bet, we headed down to the lab and tried it out. The Lumia 710 was the first phone victim. It performed just as the 900 did in the video.

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