Sega's Mega Drive Mini delayed until 2019


It was towards the beginning of the year when Sega announced that it would be releasing its own mini console, the tentatively titled Mega Drive Mini. Today, it has confirmed that the console will not be making an appearance in 2018, instead delayed until some time next year.

The firm took to Twitter today to relay that it will delay the console, but when it arrives, there will be units specific to regions. This means that those in the United States should expect a Genesis Mini, while those in Japan and the U.K. should see a Mega Drive Mini. Sega also mentioned revisiting the console's design and software.

While this is certainly disappointing news, there doesn't seem to be a shortage of retro consoles arriving in the coming months. The Neo Geo Mini is set to debut in the United States and Sony has just announced its own PlayStation Classic. If you're a fan of classic consoles, these are certainly good times.

Source: Sega (Twitter) via Nintendo Life

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