Shuttleworth previews Karmic Koala, successor to Jaunty

According to The Fridge, Ubuntu 9.10, to be released in October this year, has officially been named "Karmic Koala", in keeping with Canonical's alliterative naming scheme that tracks down the alphabet combining "characteristic" adjectives and animal names.

Jaunty Jackalope, coming this April, is currently in fervent development, but already plans are being made to sort out the features its successor will benefit from:

  • New and more impressive boot graphics that we shall have less time to appreciate given the promise of
  • Much faster boot times (Jaunty Jackalope has got boot times on netbooks down to 25 seconds; Karmic Koala, despite the animal's reputation as a slow mover, is aiming to reduce that even further)
  • A more advanced integration of Moblin technologies for Netbook Remix
  • Serious look-and-feel improvements, including the possibility of a move away from "Ubuntu brown"
  • Open cloud-computing embracing Amazon's EC2 APIs for the server edition
  • Sleep and resume features extended to the server edition, to save energy
Although information on more upcoming features set for Karmic Koala will no doubt make their way online soon, details on many others will be unveiled--and new ideas brainstormed--at the upcoming Ubuntu Development Summit (UDS) to be held 25-29 May in Barcelona.

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