Skype testing new feature that helps conduct coding interviews

Microsoft is launching a real-time code editor for; one that allows people to comfortably conduct coding and technical interviews without the hassle of having to switch back and forth between a Skype call and a code editing application.

This preview feature provides assistance in the form of a video call on top of a code editor that runs in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome (version 32 or above), which essentially means that users need only access on their browsers, without the need to download any applications.

This code editor currently supports seven programming languages, which include C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. Syntax highlighting will be included for all these languages, along with a real-time execution feature.

Note that this will work only for browsers that have English set as their language. It hasn't yet been announced whether this feature will be introduced on the redesigned desktop version of the application in the future.

The process by which the interested applicants can make use of this feature is quite straightforward. Just visit, click "Start Interview" and you'll be provided with a unique link that can be accessed by a participant. Once in the interview, programming languages can be changed by clicking the button on the upper left-hand side of the screen. Clicking the button next to “Start video interview” will initiate a video call.

The Skype team has emphasized the need of user feedback, mentioning how "your input will help shape the future of this feature." Perhaps the usability of this feature might extend beyond the conduction of technical and coding interviews at some point.

Source: Microsoft

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