Sony continues the fight against PS2 mod chips

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Sony is seeking to have the use of modification chips for the PS2 stopped in Australia, but a government agency has stepped in on behalf of the consumer

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has stepped into a Federal Court case to challenge the international agreement on regional coding of DVDs

It has described regional coding as an anti-competitive practice that disadvantages Australian consumers

The commission this morning announced it was intervening as 'a friend of the court' in an important Federal Court copyright case mounted by Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, "because it feared if Sony was successful consumers stood to lose money on PlayStation2 games purchased overseas at significantly cheaper prices by being denied the right to use them in Australia."

SCEA managing director Michael Ephraim was this morning meeting with Sony lawyers and advisors and is expected to respond to the ACCC later in the day.

However, Sony is expected to vigorously oppose the commission's intervention.

News source: ZDnet

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