Sony doesn't show PlayStation 4 at PlayStation 4 event, Microsoft notices

The PlayStation 4s controller was shown at tonights announcement, but not the console itself.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of tonights PlayStation 4 event wasnt what Sony showed, but rather what it didnt show.

Despite teasing the new consoles hardware in recent weeks, Sony didnt show the console itself at tonights event. It was an odd move, although not unfounded, as Microsoft famously announced the original Xbox before revealing its physical appearance. 

Sony did show the consoles controller, but that was the only piece of PlayStation 4 hardware revealed at the event. Instead, the majority of the event showcased software and games that will be featured on the platform.

Larry Hryb, Microsofts director of programming for Xbox Live, noted the lack of physical hardware at Sonys show in the following tweet, implying Microsoft will reveal its next-generation consoles physical appearance when its formally announced:

Hryb followed up that tweet with one stating he was interested in his followers" thoughts on the PlayStation 4 event, saying hed share his own thoughts on the announcement sometime this weekend.

Much of the PlayStation 4 is still unknown, as Sony was relatively vague with hardware information. Most of the previous rumors about the console proved to be accurate, however.

The only notable difference between recent rumors and Sonys announcement was the fact that Sony revealed the PS4 will feature 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, while most reports indicated it would only feature 4GB. Microsofts next-generation gaming console was rumored to have 8GB of DDR3 RAM, possibly indicating that Sony may have upgraded the PlayStation 4s proposed hardware recently.

Kazuo Hirai, Sonys chief executive, previously said his company would wait for Microsoft to announce its console before revealing the PS4 so its competitor wouldnt be able to "come up with something better."

Source: Twitter

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