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Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Multiplayer Revealed

Ubisoft today released details on the changes that Splinter Cell fans can expect in terms of multiplayer modes featured in Double Agent. The teams at Ubisoft Annecy and Ubisoft Milan (responsible for Splinter Cell multiplayer) wanted to create a new mode that is more accessible to newcomers whilst also rewarding to Splinter Cell veterans. On the current-generation versions (Xbox and PS2), Splinter Cell: Double Agent features a 'Spy vs Spy' mode, whereas the PC and Xbox 360 offer all-new 'Versus' and 'Challenge' modes that apparently make greater use of the superior hardware.

'Spy vs Spy' places everybody on a level platform, both teams are equivalent and have the same abilities, with the objective not about knowing the maps or how to use gadgets, but to shoot, fight and move better than everybody else. One major element featured in the Xbox 360 and PC version is that players now have online recruitment and progression experience features on the multiplayer modes, which allows your character to develop along with the customary rise in ranks.

News source: TVG

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