T-Mobile obtain '4G Windows Phone' stickers - sign of 4G devices to come?

Earlier today, Neowin reported that there may be a wave of Windows Phone 7.5 handsets which are said to be released in September.

At least one of those handsets may come with 4G capability; something that may help Windows Phone sales against the iPhone 5 which is rumoured to not come with the capability.

Stickers that show the Windows phone logo alongside a 4G badge seems to suggest that we may see upcoming devices come with it. The stickers belonged to T-Mobile and since the telecoms company gets merchandise of products way before the release of the actual phones, it does present a strong case to suggest that 4G is coming to Windows Phone. To make the rumour even more convincing, the 4G stickers are presented besides a set of WP stickers that don’t come with the 4G badge which suggest there will be a set of 4G and 3G devices.

The Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T which was released in Japan earlier this week was speculated to be a low/mid-range Mango device which definitely leaves room for a set of higher end devices in September.

Whilst stickers alone doesn’t guarantee there will be 4G devices, one has to ask for what other reason would T-Mobile make a distinction of the two stickers, especially with one saying “4G” on it. Is T-mobiles idea of 4G different to the consumers? Probably not but we won’t know for sure until the devices are unveiled.

Image credit: Tmonews

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