TechSpot: Configuring a Windows 8 Virtual Machine

With the launch of Windows 8s Consumer Preview, youre probably itching to spend some quality time with Microsofts latest operating system. Although you may have already downloaded the ISO, we bet some of you havent decided how youre going to install it.

Considering youve just met, we assume most of you arent ready to clear a dresser drawer for Windows 8. Dual booting is popular, but in our experience, rebooting into a separate environment is more trouble than its worth when youre just trying to sample beta (err, "preview") software. The same could be said for using the OS on a secondary PC near your primary rig.

Fortunately, running Windows 8 in a virtual machine solves all that: it wont remove your current OS, you can access it anytime you want without rebooting and it doesnt require any extra hardware. Whats more, the test OS can be deleted in only a few mouse clicks.

Read: Configuring a Windows 8 Virtual Machine

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