Ten New Years Resolutions for the PC Industry

Happy New Years folks and that means it's time for New Years resolutions. We have some suggested resolutions for the PC Industry that will help them...and us!

#1 To the PC Makers: Stop pre-loading shareware. Nothing is more annoying than getting a new PC loaded with "trial versions" of programs. Just stop it.

#2 To Microsoft: Get Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista out there ASAP and make sure IE 7 doesn't hang anymore for no apparent reason.

#3 To Apple: Get that 3G iPhone out the door sooner rather than later. GPS on it would be nice too.

#4 To the RIAA: Just stop it. I mean, seriously, just stop.

#5 To Jack Thompson: Get a new hobby. Better yet, get a life. In a world in which one can't escape "The Girls Next Door" on TV are video games really a threat?

#6 To Google: Please make a Project Management extension to Google Calendar!

#7 To the BluRay and HD-DVD consortiums, please find a way to work together. You're just slowing down adoption (massively).

#8 To Amazon: Just because you think it might be patentable doesn't mean you should try to patent it.

#9 To Bloggers: This year is the US Presidential Election. Just remember, just because someone doesn't agree with your political opinion doesn't mean they're a bunch of sub-human monsters who eat babies.

#10 To Internet Users: Just remember that there is another person on the other side of that screen. Just because they aren't there to punch you in the nose doesn't mean you should surrender any semblance of civility on-line.

Have a Happy New Year!

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