The famous voice of NBA Jam is creating an 'Announcer Pack' for Dota 2

If you ever thought about mashing up the best part of NBA Jam with Dota 2, your dream could finally become a reality.

Tim Kitzrow, who is the voice behind the famous announcer in NBA Jam, is trying to get a new project off the ground, known as the 'Dota Jam Announcer Pack'. While it isn't officially available yet, it is listed in the Steam Workshop, ready to go live once it has been approved.

In the 'Announcer Pack', Kitzrow will be dishing out some of his most well-known phrases that have graced some of the games was previously featured in. There will also be custom announcements that are tailored for sequences that occur during combat and other situations in Dota 2.

Judging by the comments section in the Steam Workshop, folks are pretty excited by this and can't wait for it to release. If you have an idea of something you would like to hear or added into the pack, you can send a tweet to Kitzrow. The pack is slated to go live in the fall.

Source: Steam via Polygon | Video via Austin Palmer

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