The Microsoft and Motorola trial ends in Seattle

The patent trial between Microsoft and Motorola which was held earlier this month in a U.S. District Court in Seattle has drawn to a close, and no closing statements have been issued yet. However, post-trial briefs which will serve as each side’s closing statements are due to the court by December 14th with Judge James Robart expected to issue his ruling at some point in the spring.

This trial is one of many of the patent battles between Microsoft and the Google-owned Motorola Mobility. Microsoft claims that Google is asking too much money for use of some of its patents which are essential to current industry standards. Motorola had asked 2.25 percent royalty on the end price of Xbox and Windows devices. Motorola has stated that that was only an opening offer, and negations for the royalty cut were meant to transpire soon after.

Judge Robart will have to issue a ruling on what a reasonable royalty rate would be for Motorola when Microsoft uses its patents. Interestingly, this is the first time a federal judge would be issuing a ruling based on their views of royalty.

Source: Seattle Times

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