The Ross Report: Dogs and Cats Living Together! Mass Hysteria!

Greetings from the Notorious R.A.D. no not a fallen overweight rapper but your host on a journey through the days Bits, Bytes and the just plain crazy. No i wasn't drunk when i posted this although secret squirrel was stoned so just blame him for the wackyness.

Collect your pension tony hawk style!

Also the stoner of the day award goes to the guys over in redmond in the Windows Media marketing group. Thinking of a way of promoting the latest version of the ultra n00b software Windows Movie Maker 2 they put some 70 year old guys on skateboards and they schooled some young whipper snappers tony hawk style. The sight of this is sublime to say the least. Listening to the grampa's who claim that ollie was "totally s1c|< d00d!" is beyond funny. You've got to see this for yourself:

Video: 300k | 100k | Download (right click and select save target as)

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