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Microsoft are setting up another beta community - called the "windows pre-release community". It appears to be setup for those involved in "development or deployment planning" for microsofts programs; unfortunatly its on a invitation only basis; gee and i thought i was in with a chance.

"Dear xxxxxx,

We recently introduced an exciting new program that we want to tell you about and invite you join. The new program is called the Windows Pre-release Community (WPC).  The WPC is an extension of the Windows Technical Beta programs to a broader group of industry professionals, but is much smaller and more focused than the much broader "preview programs."

The Windows Pre-release Community (WPC) consists of an invited group of computer industry professionals interested in prerelease versions of Windows for development or deployment planning. The WPC program provides Internet access to beta and interim releases of versions of Windows that are currently under development, access to private newsgroups for support and technical discussions, and other technical resources.  WPC membership requires an invitation from Microsoft, typically as part of attending a conference or other Microsoft sponsored event, such as the VS.NET product launch, Tech-Ed, or WinHEC.  Over time, WPC members will also include key corporate enterprise customers and others doing advanced development and deployment. 

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