This UK farmer is using cow dung power to farm cryptocurrency

Philip Hughes, a man who resides in the Hendwr farm, located in the Denbighshire county, Wales, UK, is no ordinary farmer. While in a place like a farm, one would expect that cows would generally be reared for their milk, Hughes has been using the energy produced from his "cow muck" to actually farm cryptocurrency.

In the image below is Philip Hughes, the guy at the center, with Josh Riddett (more on him later) towards his left.

Cryptomining farmer Philip Hughes at the centre with a cow on his right

Anaerobic digesters have been put up to help him with this task. The digesters are the devices that process the waste to produce electricity. A third of it is to power the mining rigs, while the remainder is utilized for powering his farm itself. The rigs consist of GPUs and are used to mine Ethereum.

Philips has also started leasing out his digesters. So a lot of the mining rigs running here also belong to his lessees who use this renewable energy to farm crypto-coins. One of the people who appears to aid him in this business is Josh Riddett, who runs Easy Crypto Hunter. The firm, based in Manchester, sells and hosts mining rigs and it has been targeting small-scale renewable electricity generators, like Hughes', for its business. So far, Riddett says that he has been successfully able to set up his equipment at 42 sites.

Source and image: BBC

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