This Weekend's PC Game Deals: A mad Humble gift and more spring sales

This Weekend’s PC Game Deals is a roundup of games – old, new, or soon to be released – that are available at a great price and can be activated on Steam, Origin, or Uplay - even games that are DRM-free.

A great highlight this weekend is an offer by the Humble Store, which will actually run through the entire month of April. All you have to do is subscribe to 'Humble Monthly' for $12/month, and you get a free copy of Mad Max (currently $17.99/€15.79/£12.64 at Indie Gala).

If you're wondering what you get with 'Humble Monthly', it is basically a way for gaming addicts to get their fix regularly. You'll be offered a monthly bundle of games selected by the Humble Store, and you also get a 10% discount on all purchases for as long as you're an active subscriber. Another thing to like about it is that 5% of the $12 goes to charity, to help those in need.

The Origin Store still offers Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault for free, but we don't know for how long. The game is old, sure, but it can be an enjoyable experience if you're into WWII games, and grabbing a free code can't hurt.

Amazon has a number of great titles on sale this Saturday, and 5% of all sales go towards helping the GameChanger charity:

There are plenty of PC game deals available this week, as many stores have an ongoing spring sale, but we’ve made a selection of titles that are either available at the lowest price since release, or somewhat close to the lowest price point. Some of them are flash sales, so be sure to act quickly.

ArcheAge Gold Starter Pack: $42.68/€ 37.56/£29.88 on Funstock Digital

Battleborn (preorder): $38.41/€ 33.80/£26.89 on Funstock Digital

Battlefield 4: $11.35/€ 9.99/£7.95 on the Origin Store

Battlefield Hardline: $9.99/€ 8.79/£6.99 on the Origin Store

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: $21.41/€18.84/£14.99 on Green Man Gaming

Call of Duty Black Ops III: $35.56/€31.29/£24.89 on Funstock Digital

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II: $11.37/€10.01/£7.96 on Games Planet

Cities: Skylines: $11.99/€10.55/£8.39 on Indie Gala and WinGameStore

Crysis 3: $5.67/€4.99/£3.97 on the Origin Store

Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition: $19.99/€17.59/£13.99 on the Steam Store

DOOM (preorder): $49.76/€ 43.79/£34.83 on Games Planet and Funstock Digital

Dragon Age: Inquisition: $17.03/€14.99/£11.92 on the Origin Store

Fallout 4: $38.99/€ 34.31/£27.29 on DLGamer

Far Cry Primal: $35.99/€ 31.67/£25.19 on DLGamer

FIFA 15: $9.99/€ 8.79/£6.99 on the Origin Store

FIFA 16: $33.05/€ 29.99/£23.22 on the Origin Store

FlatOut and FlatOut 2 Bundle: $11.09/€9.76/£7.76 on Funstock Digital

Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition: $5.67/€ 4.99/£3.97 on Humble Store

Hitman The Full Experience: $47.80/€ 42.06/£33.46 on Games Planet

Just Cause 3: $36.41/€ 32.04/£25.49 on Games Planet

Killing Floor 2 Steam Early Access: $14.99/€ 13.19/£10.49 on WinGameStore

Metro 2033 Redux (DRM-free): $5.09/€ 4.48/£3.56 on GOG

Metro Last Light Redux (DRM-free): $5.09/€ 4.48/£3.56 on GOG

Need for Speed: $47.99/€42.23/£33.59 on DLGamer

Need for Speed Rivals: $9.99/€8.79/£6.99 on the Origin Store

Planetbase: $17.03/€14.99/£11.92 on the Steam Store

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: $39.99/€35.19/£27.99 on the Orgin Store

Rise of the Tomb Raider: $41.99/€ 36.95/£29.39 on DLGamer

Sid Meyer's Civilization V: $7.48/€ 6.58/£5.24 on WinGameStore

SimCity Complete Edition: $14.99/€ 13.19/£10.49 on the Origin Store

Star Wars: Battlefront: $34.09/€ 30.00/£23.86 on the Origin Store

Tales from the Borderlands (requires a Telltale account): $6.24/€ 5.49/£4.37 on WinGameStore

The Banner Saga: $5.68/€ 5.00/£3.98 on Green Man Gaming and GamersGate

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: $41.99/€ 36.95/£29.39 on DLGamer

Tom Clancy's The Division: $42.68/€ 37.56/£29.88 on Games Planet

Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition: $9.60/€ 8.45/£6.72 on DLGamer

Total War: Warhammer (preorder): $46.94/€ 41.31/£32.86 on Games Planet

Tropico 5 Complete Edition: $19.99/€17.59/£13.99 on WinGameStore

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut: $21.33/€ 18.77/£14.93 on Games Planet

Wolfenstein The New Order: $11.36/€ 10.00/£7.95 on GamersGate

Wolfenstein The Old Blood: $5.68/€ 5.00/£3.98 on GamersGate

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Edition: $9.99/€ 8.79/£6.99 on WinGameStore

If you’re interested in console games, you might want to look here for the Xbox Games with Gold for April.

We’d like to know: which PC titles are your favorites, and what upcoming games are you looking forward to playing? Do let us know in the comments section.

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