Four new Mario games at E3

Any Mario fan would not have been disappointed at E3, with four new Mario Games being shown during Nintendo's presentation today. Here are the trailers and a brief overview of each game.

New Super Mario Bros for Wii

Similar to that of the DS, this New Super Mario Bros takes that old school orginal Mario action from NES and puts a whole new twist on things. Available exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, the game features four player multiplayer where the players compete against one another while trying to compete levels that look really similar to those found in the first Mario game. Players also have the ability to attack and fire upon one another with fireballs and other such items. Items boxes usually produces item for all the characters on screen which will make for some furious balanced action. Also if one player is to go into a warp pipe, all players are forced to follow as well, and if one player jumps on the ending flag pole, the other three players have three seconds to acquire those bonus points. At the end of each game the players scores are shown and ranked based on the amount each one has. The game has a Holiday 2009 release schedule.

Mario and Luigi - Bowsers Inside Story for DS

This is the third iteration of the Mario and Luigi RPG series for the Nintendo DS. The game features all new gameplay, new mini-games and the ability to play as Bowser during the game, who has special combat abilities which will force the players to turn the DS on it's side and use the touch screen and microphone to pull of some pretty unique attacks.

The story takes you inside of Bowser, as in physically inside of him (think Honey I Shrunk the Kids). They are inside because a weird disease is affecting everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom, except Mario, Luigi and Peach. While trying to figure out what cause the diseased Bowser does his usually catch the Princess bit but is stopped by the brothers. After being defeated, Bowser receives a mysterious mushroom that gives him the ability to inhale things, which happens to be the Mario bothers. The game is expected to be released this fall.

Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again for DSi

Not much is known about the game so far other then it exclusively for DSi and is the third title in the Mario vs Donkey Kong series. The game is a DSiWare game, meaning that it is only available as a download. The biggest selling point of the game is the ability to create and share your own custom levels. The game will be released on June 8th.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Wiii

This is the sequel to the highly acclaimed, best selling Super Mario Galaxy game for Nintendo Wii. The game looks very similar to that of the original, with all of the action platforming on various small planets. Don't worry, the Bee suit (which is my favourite Mario power up ever) is set to make a comeback as well as Mario faithful Dino pet Yoshi. New items included a drill that Mario can carry around, a switch that gives you the ability to slow down time, more details on plant life and grass, a shrunken Mario level where everything around Mario is gigantic and larger more open levels. The game is due out some time in 2010.

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