Thunderbird 0.7 RC1 released

Thunderbird, the Mozilla group's popular open source email client has just released a 0.7 Release Candidate (RC). The RC has many new features, with notable ones being :

  • Thunderbird 0.7 bits use the new Extension Manager developed for Firefox. When installing a theme or extension, it must be written to the new EM APIs that Ben Goodger has document for Firefox or it will not install.

  • Windows installer uses 7-zip compression for a new download size of only 5.9MB (5.7 without talkback)!

  • Multiple Identity UI for creating multiple identities for a given account, and new inline vCard UI

  • New profile manager including new profile manager UI.

  • Signature gets styled in the compose window with the same styles used when you view a signature in the message window.

  • Color quoting for message qutoes.

  • OS X fix for Thunderbird locking up when coming out of sleep mode (top 0.6 issue)

  • OS X: if no Thunderbird windows are open and you click on the system dock icon, we re-open the main mail window. (top 0.6 issue)

  • The download more option in the spell checker dialog now takes you to a web page with various localized dictionaries.

  • Junk mail fix where sometimes the junk mail filter would mark a message as junk but fail to move it to the Junk folder.

  • Minor improvements to the junk mail algorithm.

  • If you do a custom windows install with the windows installer you now see a screen which asks you if you want desktop/start bar/quick launch icons for the installation.

  • Sorting is now supported in the news subscribe dialog.

  • Opening a vCard attachment now opens the vCard internally in our addresss book UI instead of launching an external application.

  • In the offline settings panel, some of the settings were not being saved (like the one for compacting a folder if it saves X KB"

  • DOM Inspector is no longer part of the windows installer. It is still part of the full .zip build

  • On Windows, Thunderbird properly handles mailto url clicks (from a browser or another app) that contain raw unencoded spaces.

  • Continued IMAP improvements and bug fixes including a potential hang when reading imap over SSL.

  • All of the 1.7 final bug fixes that weren't in 1.7 RC1 (which 0.6 was based on)

    The new release is well worth downloading a upgrading too; in my personal experience i've found these builds to be very stable but if you do encounter any bugs, be sure to log them in Bugzilla. Neowin will soon be publishing a interview with Thunderbird chief developer, Scott McGreggor, so stay tuned!

    Download: Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7 RC1

    View: Whats new @


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