Tivo sets sights on Net content, cuts prices

TiVo is developing new services to allow movies and music to be downloaded to its digital video recorders, but in the meantime the company is cutting prices for its current services to boost subscriptions to its standalone recorders. The San Jose, Calif.-based company is expected to announce on Wednesday at a New York event price cuts for services used with its Series2 standalone digital video recorders (DVRs). TiVo's networking software--a $99 option called Home Media Option--will become part of its standard service offering for both monthly and lifetime subscribers.

The company will also offer those with multiple TiVo boxes a price cut for additional recorders. The monthly subscription rate for the first recorder will remain $12.95, but additional recorders will cost $6.95. Lifetime subscriptions will remain $299. TiVo said no changes are planned for the price or features offered with DirecTV TiVo boxes.

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