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Tribes: Vengeance Q&A

With Tribes: Vengeance beta just over the horizon everybody is getting excited about its release. Especially those of us who still play the original one every now and then. The crew over at GameSpot have put together a great set of Q&A for this highly anticipated game.

GameSpot: Tell us about how Tribes: Vengeance's story will be told throughout the single-player game.

Ben Hutchings: As you know, one of the most distinctive features of Tribes: Vengeance is that it contains a story, quite a big story actually, told in a series of animated cutscenes. These appear between levels, and I like to pretend that the levels are merely little immersive bits to make the cutscenes even more rockin'.

From the cutscene team's point of view, the story is incredibly complex. There are seven major characters, each with different versions depending on the era of the particular scene or which outfit the character is wearing. Add to this the cast of secondary characters who only appear in a few scenes, and then finally the extras: troopers from different Tribes, different sexes, and different armor classes. Oh yeah, and all the civilians and the vehicles.

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News source: GameSpot

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