Twitch may offer $9.99 and $24.99 subscription tiers for partnered channels

One available method of supporting streamers on Twitch is via subscription, where viewers can opt in to pay $4.99 per month for a Twitch partnered streamer's channel to support them, while also gaining some bonuses such as emotes and chat priority in the process. However, according to an email reportedly sent to partnered streamers, seen below, the Amazon-owned live streaming platform may introduce larger subscription tiers in the future.

The email claims that streamers will be able to offer emotes that are exclusive to higher subscription tier owners, as well as new subscriber roles for them in the chat.

Twitch is also reworking how many subscribers are required before partnered streamers are granted more emote slots, allowing for faster and more frequent unlocks. The aforementioned higher tier subscriptions count as multiple subscribers towards unlocking emotes, with the $9.99 subscription counting as two users and $24.99 as six.

In addition, streamers will no longer lose their emote slots if they drop below the required thresholds, with all previously unlocked slots remaining permanently.

The email states the new features will roll out as a beta soon, with interested partners required to opt-in, but as Twitch is yet to make an official announcement for these features, it's best to take the email's contents with a grain of salt.

Source: NeoGAF via VG24/7

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