Twitter raises $35M to go from geek to mainstream

With $35 million backing Twitter to help it go from geek to mainstream, the amount is expected to help it keep up with the growth it has recently received. Twitter has seen a 900% growth in users in a year, with a wide range of users and businesses reporting every event of their daily activities.

Twitter hasn't actually made any revenue off the business as of yet, where it mostly focuses on updating their servers, paying 29 employees and surcharges from text messaging fees. With the added $35 million to help turn the company into Twitter Inc by going from a geek tool to a mainstream utility, the company can focus on revenue this year.

The microblogging web site is the fastest growing new social tool on the web for a range of users from teenagers to businesses like Microsoft.

Even with recent attacks on the web site reported here on Neowin, the site continues its push forward to becoming the newest social tool for all users alike. While the site already has desktop applications, the possible future of Twitter could see add-on tools, like Facebook and MySpace have already included, to incorporate a wider user of Twitter on other sites.

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