Twitter removing the “Via” stamp from posts

We all use different clients to Tweet our musings or update our Facebook statuses, even if we don’t realise it. It is only when you look back on the posts do we see the different applications that we have posted from. Not anymore, thanks to Twitter.

After successfully removing the functionality from its iPhone app in July, Twitter has removed the same functionality from the web client. Simply put, when you Tweet from your browser, your followers won’t know how you posted the Tweet, or more specifically what application you used. It is understandable that Twitter would want people to use their own solution, rather than a third-party solution such as Twittelator, moTweets or Twidroyd.

Twitter’s Display Guidelines, which will become rules in six months, have failed to mention that displaying the via tag is not how it wants third-party clients to act. It is this exclusion that is fuelling speculation that the rule will eventually be rolled out to all clients.

The main thing is though that Twitter is trying to make the reading experience consistent, rather than have users see posts from multiple client applications. The knock on effect is that first-party applications get priority from Twitter when it comes to promotion, meaning that third-party solutions will need to market their solution more heavily now that what was essentially free advertising is disappearing.

Source and Image: The Next Web

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