Two men send 217,000 text messages, $26,000 bill

Two men set out with the ambition to see how many text message they could send a month and rallied up 217,000 messages. The duo Nick Andes, 29, and Doug Klinger, 30, were relying on their unlimited text messaging plans to pay for the fiasco.

In a mixup on T-mobile's end a bill was sent to Andes for the whopping sum of $26,000 which, as you can imagine, had him stunned at the expenses incurred. The bill alone cost T-Mobile $27.55 to ship to Andes but thankfully T-Mobile honored their unlimited text messaging plan and credit the amount back to the user.

The two were hoping to set a guiness record for the most texts in a month but it has yet to be confirmed by Guiness World Records. It's quite amazing that they were able to send 217,000 message which averages out to about 7000 messages a day, 291 an hour or 4 every minute for the entire month. It's unclear from the story if these were actual messages transaction or if it was a program that was able to spam the messages.

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