Unreal Tourmament 3 PS3 preview

At this point, playing Unreal Tournament III on PS3 is akin to being fed hors d'ouvres all day in lieu of lunch and dinner. Of course, Epic's focus has centered in on getting the PC game out in time for the holiday season, and if that meant the console versions taking a backseat, so be it. With that in mind, it's hard not to feel a stronger pang in one's stomach than, say, yet another "timed exclusive" 360 game, since the shoe's ideally supposed to be on the other foot. We played the console version briefly at Midway's launch event last week, and were pleasantly surprised when a build showed up at our office a few days later.

For the most part, UT3 for PS3 will feature the same campaign and much of the multiplayer experience that you'll get on PC. In fact, if you're inclined, you can synch up either a USB or Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo and smite Sixaxis-wielding noobs with great efficiency. However, during the event, each kiosk was furnished with a controller. We've got to admit, it works fairly well.

Although we're aware of UT3's campaign mode and the stronger emphasis on single-player in this game, we still jumped right into the multiplayer. UT has always had Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Warfare and Duel, however, are new to the series. In Warfare, you'll play with a team in node-based combat. One team will attempt to link its node with the enemy node in order to render the enemy's energy core vulnerable -- it's like a combination of Onslaught and Assault. Duel is the equivalent of the lonely deathmatch that two of us played yesterday online, since one of us forgot to host a game with bots -- it's a one-on-one face off.

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