US government closes 307 pro football themed web sites

As tens of millions of people make preparations to watch Super Bowl 46 on TV today, the US government announced this week that it has taken action on 307 web sites that have attempted to gain an illegal piece of the National Football League's pie. In a press release this week, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement department announced these new law enforcement actions which were organized under the title "Operation Fake Sweep."

Of the 307 sites that were seized this week, the press release states:

Sixteen of the sites illegally streamed live sporting telecasts over the Internet, including NFL games. Two hundred ninety-one website domain names were illegally selling and distributing counterfeit merchandise.

In addition to the web site shut downs, law enforcement officials arrested Yonjo Quiroa, 28, of Comstock Park, Michigan. The government claims that he operated nine of the 16 web sites that were streaming NFL telecasts illegally along with pay-per-view events. Quiroa was charged with one count of criminal infringement of a copyright.

However, there's a report that some of the streaming sports video sites that were closed by the government are back up and running. TorrentFreak reports that Firstrow has changed the domain names of its various web sites so that they now point to

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