uTorrent reverses decision on no opt-out Featured Torrents

Earlier this week, we reported that uTorrent would start adding a "Featured Torrent" section into their client, which at the time was intended to be a no opt-out addition to an update that would happen in the next few weeks.

Now, a representative from BitTorrent for uTorrent has reached out to Neowin via email, stating that this is no longer the case. The no opt-out part we mean.

Oh, Haaay! uTorrent doesn't suck anymore!

The email points out that feedback from the announcement was always going to play a part in the decision making process, and listen they did! Because according to their new blog post, the feature will still be shipped with the updated version of uTorrent, but now you can opt-out of seeing it, initially.

That language is important, because initially means this may change with a later version. For now at least, it will be a choice.

If you decide you want to check it out anyway, the in-client featured torrents will include offers from game and software developers, as well as BitTorrent Bundles from the artists and filmmakers that uTorrent partners with.

The blog post also points out that your privacy is also still very important to the company, and that it hasn't changed. It will not track your torrents, or behavior regardless if you leave the Featured Torrents on or off.

You can check out the initial forum post announcement and feedback from users here too, and the official statement here.

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