Verizon stores have Galaxy Nexus in stock, aren't selling it.

One of the big questions in the smartphone business at the moment is, "Why hasn't the Samsung Galaxy Nexus launched in the US?" The first Android 4.0 smartphone has already launched in other parts of the world and even Canadian citizens can now purchase the Galaxy Nexus.

Now comes word on The Verge that the smartphone is rumored to be already in stock at Verizon's retail stores as well as other retailers like Best Buy and Radio Shack. However, the Galaxy Nexus is still not being sold to customers in the US, at least not officially.

So why won't Verizon Wireless light this candle and allow the phone to be sold? Officially, Verizon is staying silent on the matter but one rumor is that the company is waiting for a big Android 4.1 software update for the Galaxy Nexus. Yet other rumor has Verizon still talking with Google in order to allow the smartphone to support the Google Wallet application.

In any case, it seems that a few lucky US customers have actually convinced Verizon store managers to break from the sales embargo and sell them the Galaxy Nexus, according to posts on the message boards. In the meantime, speculation has Verizon finally and officially putting the Galaxy Nexus up for sale on December 15. You can check out Neowin's review of the Galaxy Nexus along with Android 4.0 to past the time before Verizon makes the US launch date official.

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