Video: Nokia Lumia 920 coming to Three UK

The Lumia 920 was one of the most exciting phones of 2012, but in the UK ever since its launch it has only been available on EE due to an exclusivity deal signed with Nokia. Luckily for everyone, that deal is just about to expire and Three will start selling the phone soon.

To celebrate they have even launched a video highlighting the awesome features of the phone: the unibody polycarbonate design, the HD display, the Pureview camera as well as the wireless charging back plate. Brendan, the guy in the video, also mentions the 12 awards that the Lumia has received to its name as well as the LTE/HSPA+ capabilities of the phone.

Many people have been waiting for the moment when the Lumia 920 would be available on other carriers as EE’s pricing scheme has failed to impress until now. Three has been carrying the HTC 8X, the other flagship Windows Phone 8 device, and with the addition of the Lumia 920 as well as the budget friendly Lumia 620 later on, they will have a complete set for consumers to enjoy.

The devices will be available in store sometime in February but eager folks can express their interest on this Coming Soon page.

Are you glad EE’s exclusivity deal is finally done or have you already bought into their plans to get the Lumia 920? Let us know below.

Source: WPCentral

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