Video Sharing Catches up With Photo Sharing

Video files captured on modern cameras can tend to be quite large, then therefore somewhat difficult to share over the internet with friends and relatives. Sites like YouTube and Google Video have sprung up to support this gap in the market, but the videos available on there are often compressed and at a lower resolution to enable the sites to save bandwidth.

Pando, joint founded by Robert Levitan, takes a different approach to the problem. It transmits video (or other types of files) via a peer-to-peer connection, running in the background on your pc. The process is simple, register on the site and download the client software and you can be sharing anything within minutes.

This doesn't work like typical P2P software, often used for copyright infringement. Your files are visible only to people you invite to download them. You do this by choosing the files you wish to share, the program then generates an email to be sent to your friends that includes a special attachment instructing their client where to download the files from.

The software also allows you to broadcast your own videos direct from your PC, instead of allowing them to be downloaded, again only people you invite are permitted to view the content.

News source: New York Times

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