Vista Expected to Generate $7 Billion in New Revenue

New York's IT industry is expected to experience a significant financial impact as a result of the launch of the Windows Vista™ operating system. According to a research study recently completed by IDC and commissioned by Microsoft Corp., within the first year of the Windows Vista shipment, New York's IT industry will begin seeing considerable increases in new jobs and revenue. The study's findings indicate that Windows Vista will provide a foundation for the IT market, with more than 17 percent of total IT employment in New York related to Windows Vista. In addition, total Windows®-related employment in New York is expected to jump by more than 16,000 new jobs.

Windows Vista, together with the 2007 Microsoft® Office system, was made available on Nov. 30 to Volume Licensing customers and will be broadly available on Jan. 30.

"Windows Vista will create additional revenues for Microsoft in New York, but will also create even bigger economic ripples throughout the ecosystem that sells products and services in New York that run on or work with it," said John Gantz, chief research officer and senior vice president of IDC. "Windows Vista's footprint in the state will be wide, as original equipment manufacturers sell PCs that run on it, software companies sell applications that run it, and services and distribution firms deliver, install, support and train on it. We expect that in the first year of Windows Vista shipments, this ecosystem will sell more than $7 billion of Windows Vista-related products and services in New York."

View: Microsoft Press Release

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