Vivaldi launches latest snapshot with image inspector

The latest snapshot of Vivaldi 1.12 has been released with a new comprehensive image inspector, a feature which Maria Popova from Vivaldi describes as a fundamental feature. While other browsers have an option to view image information, Vivaldi’s inspector is far more comprehensive and nicer looking than, say, the one included with Firefox.

In a blog post, Popova wrote:

“This new feature lets you dive into the general attributes of the picture. Vivaldi will display all the information available based on the image meta data. It provides properties such as the camera brand, white balance, color temperature (kelvin), histogram, image dimension, file size etc.”

The company expects the feature to be a major boon for photography bloggers and general enthusiasts who will be able to inspect an image more closely right from their web browser, without having to download the image first and open it in a more comprehensive graphics application.

Inspecting an image with Vivaldi's new inspector is easy, simply right click on an image and select ‘Inspect Image’, this will take you to the image viewer.

The 1.12 release will make the browser more stable by fixing regressions or strange behaviours, for example in this snapshot the developers have prevented the mute button on tabs from vanishing while watching YouTube videos.

Source: Vivaldi

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