vLite 0.8 beta

Windows Vista takes a lot of resources, we all know that. So here is the tool for easy removal of the unwanted components in order to make Vista run faster and to your liking. vLite can also create the bootable ISO and apply the tweaks directly. This tool doesn't use any kind of hacking, all files and registry entries are protected as they would be if you install the full version only without the components you select for the removal. It configures the installation directly, before the installation, meaning you'll have to remake the ISO and reinstall it. This method is much cleaner, not to mention easier and more logical than doing it after installation on every reinstall.

Changelog v0.8 beta:

* new: Merge SWM parts into a WIM (convert Vista CDs into a DVD)
* new: Disable AntiSpyware Realtime Protection (tweak)
* new: Substitute common fonts with Segoe UI (tweak)
* new: 'Internet Information Services (IIS)
* new: 'SuperFetch'
* new: 'Windows Aero Theme'
* new: 'Natural Language'
* new: 'ReadyBoost'
* new: 'BitLocker Drive Encryption'
* new: 'Parental Controls'
* upd: Faster image rebuilding (no extraction)
* upd: Photo Viewer separated from the Photo Gallery
* fix: Overlay video playback, codecs issue
* fix: Defender listed on Windows Update when removed
* fix: Various burning page issues
* fix: Tablet PC (Office 2007 dependency)

Download: vLite 0.8 Beta
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: vLite Home Page

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