Watch This: Video walkthrough of Windows 8.1 build 9369

Yesterday we broke the story that version 9369 of Windows Blue (8.1) was roaming free on the internet. Today lots of people have installed this leaked Windows Blue build and if you're curious to see some of the changes coming to the OS you can watch the video below.

The video comes courtesy of WinBeta and shows some of the new features including new ways to sort your apps, the new PC settings pane which we actually saw in the previous leaked build but is now much cleaner and better. You might also notice the new Files app that integrates with the old Skydrive app. This lets you navigate your files in the Modern interface without having to switch back to the desktop.

Some other changes that the video doesn't show are the new Search options, included in the PC Settings pane and the refinements to the trackpad settings. Both of these are important and should make life for the users a little easier.

Of course this new build doesn't bring too many new changes, and certainly nothing major, but it does give us a clearer picture of where Microsoft is headed with Windows Blue and hopefully that picture will be made even clearer come June, when a public beta is expected to be released.

Source: WinBeta

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