Weekend Poll: Which Windows logo is your favorite?

Pretty big news struck on Friday when Microsoft announced officially that Windows 8 would ditch the much loved Windows “flag” in favour of a truer-to-the-name “window” logo that reflects not only the product name but Microsofts’ Metro style. Microsoft say the new logo is supposed to be “both modern and classic” without emulating a “faux-industrial design.”

You’ve seen the new Windows logo for Windows 8, and most of you will remember the old logos, so we put it to everyone out there in this weekend’s poll: which of the Windows logos is your favourite? Are you an instant convert and really like the new window-style logo, or do you prefer the classic flag design from the 90s?

In case you have forgotten what each of the logos looks like we have attached them all below.

Windows 8-style

This is the new logo that will make its way into Windows 8

Windows Flag (newer)

This style Windows flag was used for Windows XP up to and including Windows 7. Below is the version used for Windows 7.

Windows Flag (older)

This is the older-style flag that was used for Windows 3.0 up to and including Windows ME.

Original Windows logo

This is the original Windows logo, used for releases before Windows 3.0.

Place your vote in the poll below, which as always are anonymous, and leave your other comments in the comments section.

Also, check out the poll in our forums that asks you whether you specifically like the new Windows 8 logo or not. Currently it looks like around 2/3 of our forum members that voted do not like the new look.

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