WhartonBrooks teases its upcoming Windows phone with a photo on Twitter

It's been almost five months since WhartonBrooks announced that it is making a Windows phone. The company promised that the device "will be the most disruptive since the advent of the smartphone in 2000", which means that it's planning to top Apple's announcement of the iPhone in 2007 and Google's introduction of Android in 2008. Naturally, the firm still hasn't told us how it will do so.

Originally set to arrive in 2016, the handset was soon delayed due to 'regulatory hurdles'. We haven't heard much from WhartonBrooks recently though, not since the company announced the cellular bands of its upcoming Cerulean Mobile phone.

Today, the company finally teased an image of the device, even though it was covered in bubble wrap.

It's hard to tell much from the image, but the metal frame with rounded corners suggests that the phone will indeed look like the images that the firm has shown on its website (seen above). Some had speculated that these earlier images weren't the actual phone, as it was so early in the handset's development when they were published.

There's still quite a bit that we don't know about the Cerulean Mobile phone, such as its specs, how much it will cost, its name, or how the firm plans to revolutionize the smartphone industry.

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