What will we vote online for next?

This story, I found over on CBS MarketWatch, points to the apparent success of NBC's The 'Today Throws a Wedding' show, where viewers voted for virtually EVERY aspect of the show. :smart:

MSNBC.com, the number one Internet news site and NBC's 'Today' Show logged 2,212,150 votes for the "Today Throws a Wedding" series at Today.MSNBC.com.

In the second year of the 10-week event, hundreds of thousands of viewers logged on each week to vote in support of their choices for the wedding ceremony between Jeff Scott and Jenny LaRou of Salem, Mass. Users became virtual wedding planners as they decided everything from which lucky couple should be married on "Today" to where they will travel on their honeymoon.

"The 'Today Throws a Wedding' series represents a true union between television and the Internet," said Merrill Brown, editor in chief and senior vice president of MSNBC.com. "We are excited by the growing audience numbers for interactive television programming and look forward to developing more converged events."

Votes tallied included, over 260k on the Cake, 210k on the Honnymoon, and a stagerring 310k on the dresses for the bridemaids.

Can we have suggestions on what the TV stations in the US or even in your neck of thr woods will have us voting on next, and please be sensible, funny but, please not crude.

News source: CBS MarketWatch

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