What's inside an Xbox, from the guys at TechTV! :)

Watching TechTV's "The Screen Savers" tonight, they mentioned that Patrick "here's another smoked Athlon" Norton and company got an Xbox and did what your not really meant to do, OPEN the thing up!

We're all familiar with the "X marks the spot" design of Microsoft's Xbox. But here at "The Screen Savers", we're more interested on what's inside the Xbox.

On the Xbox's launch date, TSS co-host Patrick Norton, segment producer Joshua Brentano, and associate producer Yoshi DeHerrera went to Toys R Us (Patrick actually spend his own money!), bought an Xbox, and brought it to TechTV studios. They didn't hook it up for a quick game of Halo -- they took it apart.

News source: TechTV - The ScreenSavers - Opens the Xbox

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