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When the saints go marching in, F1 style!

OK, I got such a kick out of this I thought I'd share it with the rest of the NeoWin crew, thanks again to my cousin freestyle for the link.

This small mp3 is the sound of a 10-cylinder, 750 horsepower Asiatech F1 engine warming up. After a few seconds you will notice it sounds a little strange... that's right, it's playing "when the saints go marching in" with its revs. it can do this because in F1 cars these days the accelerator is computer controlled, so they programmed the computer to have a little fun, much to the amusement of the reporters and pit crew.

Over on [H]ard|OCP, they had such a response to the MP3 of the engine playing the song, they asked around and got this explanation of how an engince can reproduce music like this :-

    A V10 engine produces five combustions per revolution at a frequency per second of 60/(5 x revs per minute), which equals 12/rpm. Therefore, to work out the revs you need to hit a particular musical note, you multiply the note's frequency by 12. To play a 440Hz 'A', for example, you need 5,280 rpm. For 'C', use 3,139rpm, for 'F' 4,191 rpm, and so on.
News source: [H]ard|OCP (it's in the [H]ardNews 2nd Edition section...)

View: ZZZOnline (where it was apparently first reported, scroll down to near the bottom!)

Music: MP3 of "as the saints go marching in", performed by an F1 engine! (only 247kb) (or another Mirror)

View: Google Groups - Usenet aus.cars posting of 17th December 2002

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